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Ingrid Germinia Martinez Castro
Humanitarian Committee

Ingrid works with her mother in a “pulperia” (a small confectionary) in the village of Rio Chiquito, Cortés, Honduras, just 10 km from the Guatemalan border.  She has a “Técnico en Computación” and a “Bachillerato en Ciencias y letras”.  Ingrid grew up in a multigenerational home with strong Christian values. Since a young age, she has been a youth leader and a mission leader. She is a single parent of a 10-year-old boy and since he entered school, she has been the treasurer of the parents’ organization at the school. She is motivated by her Christian faith and is pleased to be a part of the RRA humanitarian project because it is dedicated to helping those in need.  Her work organizing the venues to distribute the food in the isolated communities was critical to the success of the project.

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Técnico en Computación