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Melvin Urbina
Member, Medical Advisor

Melvin Urbina Nuñez is a physiatrist who graduated from the National Autonomous University of Honduras, and with studies in Neurorehabilitation at the National Rehabilitation Institute of Mexico. He is currently studying a Postgraduate Program in Pain Management at the San Martín de Porras University, Lima, Peru. He works in the Centro de Rehabilitación Integral del Litoral Atlántico (CRILA), La Ceiba, Atlántida, and Centro de Rehabilitación Integral de Colón (CRICOL) in Tocoa, Colon, Honduras since 2016. Additionally, he works in private practice at Clinicas Medicentro, La Ceiba. He is also a speaker and promoter of inclusive education in the Atlantic Coast of Honduras.

Contact Info
Residence, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Bachelor, Doctor in Medicine