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  • Red de Rehabilitadores
    de las Américas
    Network of Rehab Workers of the Americas.
  • You Can Make A
    Help people affected by disabilities
  • How to Help
    people from Honduras
    Help people affected by disabilities
  • Building Capacity
    through Workshops
  • Building partnerships
  • Humanitarian Project
    Food for shut-ins
    March to August 2020
    Puerto Cortés, Honduras
  • Humanitarian Project
    Following Hurricane Eta and Iota
    Nov 2020 to January 2021
    Cortés, Honduras
  • Research and
  • Dental Brigade
    Feb 7, 2021
    El Seis, Honduras


The mission of the network is to improve rehabilitation services in Honduras through the training of rehabilitation workers, the education of the public about the benefits of rehabilitation, the development of a network of rehabilitation agents, and the supporting efforts to finance our activities.

Components Of Emphasis

Recent Events