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Puerto Cortes, Honduras

2020 | RRA-NRWA Coronavirus project

The special project “RRA-NRWA Coronavirus project” was initiated on March 27, 2020 with a lump sum of cash that was left in Honduras by Angela Busch when she had to leave unexpected from the 2019 Visiting Professor workshops tour.  With the $1300 US, food was purchased, packaged and delivered by a team of workers led by Cirse Cruz to needy citizens in Puerto Cortes, Honduras.  Securing and distributing the food has been challenging with the strict lockdown for mitigation of the spread of the virus in Honduras.  People in Honduras are confined to strict isolation in their homes, 6 days per week.  Many are living in dire poverty.  The video was produced to demonstrate the project.  We will continue as long as we can given the limited funds and the ability to secure food, and the travel restrictions within the community.