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  • Discovery

    Professor Emerita Angela Busch visited Trujillo, Colon, Honduras for the first time in July 2015. Before her trip, she was unable to find any physiotherapy services referenced on the internet for this town of about 30,000 people.   Her investigation showed that there were no University-based physical therapy or occupational therapy programs in Honduras.  While exploring the area, she noticed many individuals in need of rehabilitation.

  • Making Contacts in Honduras

    Professor Angela Busch and Julia Bidonde met with the director of the hospital, the director of a technical Institute, health care workers, and community leaders. While they toured the hospital, the technical institute, health centers, and clinics, they explored the possibility of developing a rehab training program in Honduras.

  • Forming a team

    After many meetings by Skype to plan the new training program, on September 9 and 10, a face to face meeting was held.  At this meeting, the new organization called Red de Rehabilitadores de las Américas was created. Members of this steering committee included people from Argentina, Canada, Colombia, and Honduras.

  • First Visiting Professor Activity

    Professor Isabel Cristina Gómez from Universidad de Santander, Colombia visited Honduras. During her two weeks visit, she was the key speaker in two workshops held in Trujillo and Tocoa. Mentorship activities for rehab workers were carried out at the Little Hands, Big Hearts Foundation as well as she gave a lecture about the importance of comprehensive rehabilitation for people with disabilities at the Hospital Dr. Salvador Paredes in Trujillo. Furthermore, she participated in the radio show called Health at Home through Radio Católica La voz del pueblo station.

  • Second Visiting Professor Activity

    In 2018, RRA expanded the work related to the Visiting Professor Activity. Three Colombian professors(PT, OT, and SLP) visited Honduras. The visit began with a meeting with the faculty members of the Functional and Speech Language Pathology Programs at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras.  Among the teaching activities were  interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Mentorship interactions at CRICOL (Tocoa) and at Little Hands, Big Hearts Foundations (Trujillo); a community conference for general public in Tocoa, a conference for Atlantida Hospital staff, and a 2-day Interdisciplinary Workshop on Rehabilitation in La Ceiba.
  • Third Visiting Professor Activity

    The third iteration of the Visiting Professors to Honduras program took place in November 2019 with the help of our partners in Honduras and Colombia.  In total 70 rehab workers and teachers (physical therapists (n=6), functional therapists (n = 12), nurses (n=2), physicians (n = 9), psychologists (n = 5), and teachers (n = 31)) attended the four workshops we held in La Ceiba and Roatan.  The topics of the workshops were: treatment of Parkinson’s (n=31), inclusive education (n = 51), the international classification of functioning (n = 11), and interdisciplinary neurorehabilitation (n = 19).  Tegucigalpa, La Ceiba, and Roatan were visited. Also during the visit in November, the visiting professors (three professors from the Universidad de Santander, Colombia, and Angela Busch) attended the International Congress for Functional Therapists that was held at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. 
  • Humanitarian Relief Project - COVID 19

    On March 27, 2020, the NRWA Humanitarian COVID Relief Project was initiated to help people forced into unemployment in Cortés, Honduras due to the COVID 19 lock-downs and curfews.  With the mounting economic impact of these measures, hunger, malnutrition, and desperation became very prevalent in Cortés, in some cases sparking social unrest.  By October 20, 2020, the team carried out 12 rounds of food deliveries to families in need.  Supported by donations to the NRWA, the volunteers purchased, packaged and distributed 364 family-sized food parcels consisting of 4 pounds of beans, tortilla flour, flour, sugar and rice, ½ pound of coffee, 15 eggs, and a package of Manteca.  They adopted appropriate safety precautions, to limit the spread of the virus.  The Leadership Center partnered with the NRWA on two of the rounds.  The packages were delivered in nineteen neighborhoods in Puerto Cortés and 3 neighbourhoods in La Chaloma.
  • Humanitarian Relief Project - Hurricane Eta

    On October 31, 2020, Hurricane Eta, a devastating Category 4 hurricane hit the coast of Nicaragua with gusts of wind reaching 240 km/hour taking a wide swath of destruction across Central America.  The path of the hurricane tracked north through Honduras before moving north toward Cuba.  Because of our previous work distributing food to people in need due to the financial impact of COVID, residents of Puerto Cortes began bringing food and clothing for our team of volunteers to distribute.  Because the Hurricane left tens of thousands of people in Cortés homeless, with the support of donations, our volunteers began distributing meals, rather than raw food ingredients.  So, on Nov 6th, 10th, and 11th, volunteers cooked and distributed individual meals (150 baleadas, 150 coconut bread and beans, and 200 baleadas respectively) to families in municipal shelters and in roadside make-shift shelters in Puerto Cortés and Baracoa, Honduras.
  • Humanitarian Relief Project - Hurricane Iota

    Nov. 13, 2020 – Hurricane Iota, a second deadly Category 5 hurricane, hit the Nicaraguan coast bringing forceful winds, torrential rainfall, and destructive flooding to the countries of Central America which were still reeling from Hurricane Eta.  The volunteers themselves were anxiously watching the water levels rise in fear of flooding.  With a growing number of volunteers under the leadership of Cirse Cruz and continuing support of donors to the NRWA, the Humanitarian Committee purchased ingredients, and prepared and distributed meals to seven rounds of meals (1700 meals) and 582 family-sized bags of food to nine towns in Cortés (Cuyamelito, Rio Chiquito, Tegucigalpita, Puerto Cortés, Baracoa, Cedros, Caoba, La Uva).
  • Health Brigades

    Two dental brigades and two medical brigades have been held in various communities in the Cortés department.